Not just web capabilities that can be accessed via a mobile device, but also a provider of mobile applications available to facilitate the process of delivering fine to users wherever they are. The end result allows the user to download the application from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


•    Facilitate the users to check the land use at anytime and anywhere.
•    Ensure the JPBDS remain relevant and always ahead on the technology adopted in the planning and administration as well as to enhance the corporate image of the department.
•    Attracting new consumer segment in introducing the functions of the department and also the ability of GIS applications.


•    Selection by PBT
List of local authorities in the state are displayed when users start surfing this application. Users can make choices based on the information in accordance with local authority boundaries

•    Extent Map
Standardizing the use of zoom in and zoom out using the methods and pinching zooming such as habits in the use of smartphones. System developers recommend the use of the device's screen 7-inch smartphone to browse the map atas.bagi convenience purposes in this application.

•    Identifier
Identifier serves to provide information relating to the lot chosen by the user. Users can get a lot of information for using this Identifier function.

•    Map Transparency
Map transparency enables users to make a choice between land use information and transparency as well as an image base map that provided in the application.

•    Geo Locator
Geo locator allows users to identify the position of the current location and find out the information that is provided. It is especially useful for users who want to get the current land use information on site

•    Search
Search methods based on the lot and street names are provided. The user will  search for information to certain lots. Users need to enter the lot number or street name and the system will display the required informations.


The development of mobile applications provides convenience to smartphone users who use the popular operating systems such as iOS and Android. Such an application providing added value to the system based on the map view that is particularly useful in urban planning activities nowadays. Preparation of applications is expected to increase the involvement of the public authorities and agencies of the importance of planning activities in an area and thus able to make land-use development activities organized and planned as it has been gazetted in the preparation of District Local Plan.

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