Planning Permission (KM)

... Permission given, with or without conditions, for carrying out the development ...

Anyone who wants to apply development must obtain planning permission from the Local Planning Authority prior
and shall comply with the conditions of authorization has been given.

Interpretation of Planning Permission

Refer to subsection 2 (1) of Act 172, planning permission is defined as 'given, with or without conditions, to carry out development'. "Doing development" here means, any act of development including works requiring approval under the other Act.

Prohibition of Unauthorised Development Plan

Requirement to obtain planning permission is provided under Section 19 (1), Act 172, namely:

"No person, other than a local authority, shall commence, undertake or carry out any development unless ebenaran of planning has iberikan him under Section 22 or extended under Section 24 (3)".

All development shall obtain the approval of planning permission from the Local Planning Authority. ika development carried out without planning permission or development carried out contrary to planning permission, the owner may be convicted of an offense under Section 27 and Section 28 of Act 172. Penalties that may be imposed is in accordance with Subsection 26 (1), which is a fine not exceeding five hundred thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or both.

Planning Permission The Essential Referred To Next State Planning Committee to the National Physical Planning Council (NPPC) Pursuant Advice For Getting Subsection 22 (2A) of the Act 172

1.    New urban development for a population exceeding ten thousand (10,000) or covering an area of more than one hundred (100 hectares) hectares or both.

2.    A development for the construction of any infrastructure or key facilities, including:

a)    The work of the country's infrastructure such as airports, seaports, railways and highways, and

b)    The work of national facilities such as dams, power generating stations and toxic waste dump.

3.    A development affecting the area at the top or hillside, in an area designated as environmentally sensitive areas in a development plan.

Local Planning Authorities will refer to the State Planning Committee and subsequently the Committee shall refer to the National Physical Planning Council for advice and opinions before making a decision on an application is submitted.

Process and Procedures for Planning Permission

Planning Permission application process is divided into five levels (see Figure 1.0: Process and Procedures for Planning Permission).

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