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NPP (National Physical Plan)


National Physical Plan (NPP) is a written statement that summarize on strategic policies to determine direction for physical development and conservation for all Peninsular Malaysia. NPP has been approved by National Physical Planning Council (NPPC) on 26th April 205.

This approval mean, National Physical Plan now needs to be made as a guide in physical planning and practiced at federal level and state all over Peninsular Malaysia, and so on:

•    National Physical Plan policies need to be standardised with other sectoral policies which related
•    National Physical Plan  proposals need to be detailed in level State Structure Plan and Local Plan to become basis development at all state, and
•    National Physical Plan proposals need to be made as a guide by federal agency and state in formation programme and project Malaysia Five Year Plan

The National Physical Plan Functions

•    Strengthen country's planning through dimensional spaces in national economy policy.
•    Coordinating sectoral agency through preparation of allocation spaces in sectoral policy.
•    To form framework for planning at state level and local; and
•    To form physical planning policy.

The Eight Theme Of National Physical Plan

•    Formation country’s spatial framework.
•    Increase National economy competitiveness.
•    Modernization of the agriculture sector.
•    Strengthening tourism development.
•    Management human settlement.
•    Conservation of natural resources and environment.
•    Nation's transportation network integration.
•    Provision infrastructure that is suitable

For more details please refer NPP official website at http://www.townplan.gov.my

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