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Safe City

1.1 In early 2004, the Cabinet has directed the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (MHLG) provides a program to combat crime in local authorities.

1.2 At the end of 2004, has MHLG Crime Prevention recommends 23 measures under the Safe City program involving three strategies of designing the physical environment, target hardening and social activities / community outreach and education / awareness.

1.3 Since December 2005, the Ministry of Housing and Local Government has reported the implementation of the Safe City Program of the City Council and Municipal Council to the Cabinet based on the measures implemented by local authorities.

1.4 For the State of Maharashtra, as well as the City Council and Municipal Council Safe City Programme was extended to four Local Authority District Council class of Kuala Langat District Council, District Council, Regional Council of Hulu Selangor and Sabak Bernam District Council.

1.5 Reporting on the implementation of the Safe City Program Local Council in 2009 was reported in the State Planning Committee Meeting No. 5/2009 on October 30, 2009. (See Table 1).

Table 1: Progress of the Safe City program by 12 Local Council Until 2009

Local Authorities No. Measures
Percentage (%)
1. MB Shah Alam 23 100
2. MB Petaling Jaya 23 100
3. MP Klang 21 91.30
4. MP Ampang Jaya 21 91.30
5. MP Kajang 21 91.30
6. MP Selayang 21 91.30
7. MP Subang Jaya 21 95.65
8. MP Sepang 21 91.30
9. MD Kuala Langat 21 91.30
10. MD Kuala Selangor 19 82.60
11. MD Hulu Selangor 19 82.60
12. MD Sabak Bernam 19 82.60

1.5.1 Of the 38 cities in Peninsular Malaysia, MBPJ and MBSA is the local authorities that have completed all 23 steps of the Safe City program apart Kuantan Municipal Council.

1.5.2 For the MPSJ, the measure has yet to be implemented is the sharing of information with the police crime through GIS-based mapping.

1.5.3 For other Local Municipality class, 2 step remains to be done is a crime to the police information sharing through GIS-based mapping and provision of security alarm.

1.5.4 For the District Council, among the measures have yet to be implemented is sharing information with the police crime through GIS-based mapping, preparation of security alarms, bollards preparation, preparation of crime warning signs as well as providing on-site security is likely to mirror the crime.

1.6 Implementation of the Safe City program in local authorities needs to be improved based on the NKRA targets to reduce street crime by 20% by the end of 2010.

1.7 To achieve the NKRA, the Cabinet has ordered through the NKRA LAB that all local authorities adopt the following measures:

i. Activating the Safe City Program

ii. Creating a Safe City Committee

iii. All local authorities should monitor crime every month through Full Council Meeting.

iv. 12 local authorities have to provide a 'Crime-based Mapping before June 2010. Six (6) local authorities in Selangor involved the MBSA, MBPJ, MPK, the SAC, the council and MPSJ.

1.8 Beginning in 2010, the reporting format of the Safe City Programme will be based on the rate of crime reduction, compared to the total execution steps.

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